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Cruising Awards

Cruiser of the Year “for best log“. We will also allow “electronic logs”, although tradition is still honoured!

Odyssey Trophy is for the best cruisers of the year - most times off the docks and actively participating.

Navigator of the Year is for the best navigational feat or KNOT! With the advent of the GPS, the challenge in arriving at the schedule port or destinitation is not always the direction you are pointed.

Trillium Trophy is awarded for the boat that traveled on salt water and returned safely to Whitby YC.

Ports of Call Trophy is awarded to the Whitby YC cruiser that visits the greatest number of unique ports over the course of the summer.

Cruise Captain Discretionary Award: a special recognition of commendable action by someone from Whitby Yacht Club that occurs during one of our organized cruises. Any Cruise Captain can nominate someone but the recipient will be based on consensus of all the Cruise Captains.

Cruise Photography Award: Photos some any of the organized cruises in a season, either coming, going or attending can be submitted. Lee Diamond (Interlude), our resident shutterbug will act as judge. The winning picture will be framed with a plague naming the winner and location, and hung in a place of honour in the Club House.


Whitby YC Cruising Pennants - Members that attended at least 4 of the 12 organized cruises.

Cruise Captain Jackets - Cruise Captains are awarded a special jacket as recognition of taking a leadership role on a cruise.

Other possible awards that could go to cruisers

Murphy Award – For someone that Murphy challenges but they manages to overcome.

High and Dry – For the member who runs aground.

Yes Dear – For the husband and wife team that race, cruise and in general do everything together.


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