Long time member Roger Boulanger gave us the benefit of his experience some months ago, so I thought it worthwhile to review his advice as we approach the start of a new sailing season.

Roger had heard that it was a good idea to check the inflatable bladder manually at the beginning of the season.

When he test inflated his 15 year old Mustang by mouth, he was horrified to see it completely deflate in a very short time.

He then opened up the flap only to discover that the CO2 cartridge was disconnected from the socket rendering the "self inflate" feature defunct.

After tightening the cartridge and manually triggering it by pulling the cord, the bladder did inflate but quickly deflated again.

The take-home lesson is that these are mechanical life saving devices and if they do not receive the minimum required attention they will eventually let you down - literally. 90 second VIDEO from SmartBoater.ca created by the Canadian Safe Boating Council.

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