The cruising program is very beneficial to new members. This is one of the best ways to get to know your fellow yacht club members and of course have a great time too. For those new to boating or cruising, this is a great way to gain experience while taking advantage of the safety in numbers -a great way to increase your confidence on the water! Sea shepherds will ensure you arrive safely and will keep in touch with you upon request. We have wonderful longtime and experienced members who help out at any time should people need assistance. Each cruise has one or more Cruise Captains or associates who are responsible for things such as posting cruise details (theme cruise should you wish to do this), safe arrival of all boats, ensure the Safe Arrival Cocktail Party (SACP) is organized. As part of the SACP, each boat usually provides an appetizer that will be shared with all of the cruisers. Activities can be planned by the Cruise Captain that can be from games, treasure hunts, boat decorating contests, etc. or whatever idea you may have. Many cruises are more simple and we just enjoy good company and food in an interesting new port.

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