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Toll Free: 1-800-488-9885

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Dear Member Club.

Thank you for your continued support!

Enclosed you will find your membership certificate, verifying to all the racers at your club that you are a member in good standing with PHRF-LO. Please display this as you deem appropriate.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that the PHRF-LO has a single source of incomeā€¦ CERTIFICATES!

We run on a very tight budget that has seen some increases over the past few years, primarily due to projects undertaken by our Central Council to make overdue improvements to our system. Improvements that everyone benefits from.

By encouraging certificates for all your racers, we can continue to fund future improvements without increasing fees for certificates.

As the largest PHRF organization in North America, we are looked at by many smaller clubs/organizations around the world, as a leader in not only how we address issues, but at such a low price.

A status we would like to continue!

So the Executive and I would like you to encourage your racers to obtain a PHRF-LO certificate by offering any help necessary.

Just tell us what you need!

Diana Riley

Executive Assistant PHRF-LO

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