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Members Code of Conduct:

The purpose of this code is to provide members, staff and guests with a safe and enjoyable environment.

Membership in The Whitby Yacht Club (WYC) is a privilege. All members and staff have the responsibility of ensuring that our club retains its reputation of being the friendliest club on Lake Ontario.

The WYC seeks to operate within an environment where people show respect for others. Respect is defined as consideration for the well-being of another person’s body, emotions and possessions.

WYC expects compliance with all Federal, Provincial and Municipal laws, Club By-laws, Policies and Code of Conduct off and on the water and to behave in a manner not injurious to the reputation and good order of The WYC within the club and community.

The WYC Board of Directors has sole accountability and responsibility for the directing and assigning of WYC staff, including contractors. Individual members are not to direct staff. Any issues or complaints requiring attention should be referred to the appropriate Director, or the office.

No member shall represent the club in any dealings unless authorized by the club and/or Board of Directors.

Members and staff shall not expect preferential treatment nor seek favours from office management, bar staff, Board of Directors or Committees.

Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests and any bills incurred.

Unsuitable behavior may include, but is not limited to:

  • Financial delinquency in payment of club services.
  • Inappropriate and/or unauthorized use of club facilities/property and the property of others.
  • Harassment defined as any action towards an individual or group which creates a hostile, intimidating or offensive environment.
  • Excessive alcohol use, excessively loud noise, lewd behavior, inappropriate public displays of affection and acting in a way that becomes a public nuisance or creates a public disturbance.

Violation of the Code of Conduct shall be addressed as outlined in Club By-Law section 11 and may result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.

Please review the Code of Conduct to familiarize yourself with club expectations and procedures.

Authorized by The WYC Board of Directors March 2017

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